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We really hope you enjoy your experience at Baratxuri & Comedor so please allow us to introduce you to our Basque Pintxo bar and Roasting House. 

We aim to bring you an authentic basque experience as we have found in great cities like San Sebastián & Bilbao as well as at the amazing seafood restaurants along the coast. 

On the bar you will find our selection of Pintxos, usually served on sourdough bread, these are delicious dishes using ingredients sourced from the Basque Country as well as from Bury Market. Each of these are served with a ‘Pintxo stick’ which are all collected in your Pintxo glass and used to calculate your bill at the end of your visit.

Also available in the bar area is the ‘Raciones’ or cook to order menu. These are similar to tapas dishes and are sent out from the kitchen as and when they are ready. 

The Menu in the Comedor (dining room) also features the ‘Asado’ menu, these are 

typically larger sharing dishes, whole fish and big cuts of meat, as found in the great roasting houses of Northern and Central Spain. All of these dishes are cooked in our wood fired ‘Pereruela’ roasting oven or grilled over the embers and often will be cut and served at the table. 

The ‘Pereruela’ is a clay oven, built in Zamora from a type of clay only found in the village of Pereruela. They have hand-made these ovens using the same techniques since the 15th Century and we were the first restaurant in the uk to use these very special ovens. The oven adds the most wonderful smokey tones to the food and also allows us to skilfully char and crisp meats, fish and vegetables.

Many of the dishes we serve emulate the classics served in the greatest restaurants in Spain, the Txuleton from Bar Nestor (San Sebastian) the Turbot from El Kano (Getaria), the Milk-fed Lamb from Figon Zute El Mayor (Sepulveda), the Suckling Pig from Meson De Jose Maria (Segovia) and many other great dishes from Northern Spain. 

Much of what we do is very different to a typical tapas bar and represents our experience of Basque cuisine, we are constantly visiting the amazing towns and cities of the Basque Country and we always try to bring back new ideas, ingredients and dishes from our travels. We really hope that you enjoy what we do and we will do our very best to ensure you enjoy the experience. 


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